>Thanks to the 7 minute chocolate chip cheesecake, that epiphany I so desperately craved with my new storyline came. Actually it hit me, hard. While at work – which we all know is not the opportune time for a writing desire to hit. LOL

But I have the idea. Once I decided to stop arguing with my story and just go with the flow (while stuffing unspeakable amounts of chocolate into my mouth), the flow ended up changing course and seeing the infinite wisdom I hold as a writer (yeah, right).

At least we’re not fighting anymore. Which, at times is sad. Cause then my excuse for chocolate is gone. I’ll go into mourning later though.

For now …

Did you read the blog from Querytracker about how your dreams can help your storyline? Wasn’t that a great article? Has anyone tried to put it into practice? I did (hand waving) and let me tell you … it didn’t work. I went from a woman at home deep in depression to a sexy, long legged creature living on a space ship. Go figure. And um, yeah, that is NOT my new storyline. Although …