>So, the awesome Shelley Watters is hosting yet another first page contest of awesome on her blog Is It Hot In Here, Or Is It This Book?Birthday Blowout First Page Contest with Victoria Marini i of the Gelfman Schneider Literary Agency

Below is my entry. It’s about a mother trying to find her kidnapped daughter.
Title: Finding Emma
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Word Count: 76,000 
You should check out the other entries – after you help me with mine 🙂


A child’s scream shattered the peaceful silence of the Sunday afternoon.

Megan shot up from the blanket on the grass, her heart hammering as she scanned the street in front of her. She groaned when two of her daughters squirted each other in a water gun fight as they came up the walkway. She’d dozed off. Again. The late nights of working on Peter’s books had to stop. Yesterday she’d woken up to find Emma across the street at the neighbors, half crawled into their dog house.
She glanced down at her youngest child who played with a dandelion on the blanket. Thank God she was still there. Her two year old gazed in rapture at the sky.
“Red balloon, Momma?”
Megan twirled her fingers in her daughter’s tight curls. “Later, honey.” 
“Red, Momma. Red balloons,” Emma gestured towards the sky with her pudgy fingers. Megan turned her head and noticed the explosion of color that filled the air. Red, yellow and blue balloons danced with the breeze as they swept across the sky.
The annual carnival arrived just in time for the end of school celebration their small town always held. It was also Emma’s birthday. Megan wished for time to stand still. Her baby was growing too fast.

“Mom, can we have a popsicle?” Hannah shook tendrils of water over Megan’s bare legs. The little twerp, that water was cold.

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