I’m living in a dream world. I admit it.
I find milestones hard to take in. They remind me of what I’ve lost, or missed.
My oldest daughter is graduating today. From grade 6. When I was growing up, I had to wait till grade 8 for this experience. I remember the shopping trips I took with my mom to find a dress innocent enough for her yet old enough for me. Wasn’t easy.
Now my daughter on the other hand – maybe because she’s two years younger than I was, or maybe because she doesn’t like to wear dresses, but she didn’t care to go shopping. I found two dresses for her, bought them and brought them home. She picked one (the one I didn’t think she would like) and I returned the other. Easy.
Our bonding moment wasn’t the dress. But the shoes. Go figure. She wanted heels. I wanted flats. She wanted dressy. I wanted sandals. We took the middle road and found a pair of nice white strappy sandals. If she wears them again I’ll be shocked. My oldest loves to be comfy. Sweats. Sweaters. Long shorts. Flip flops. She would fit it on the beach with a surf board in her hand.
I have to remind myself to slow down. Take a deep breath. Enjoy the moment. She’s growing up. The one I prayed for before I found out I was pregnant. The baby I cried over when she was placed in my arms. She’s growing up.
Milestones can suck for the ones who don’t want to experience them. Let her stay innocent. Young. Carefree. I’ll gladly take on all the hardships for her to keep her innocence.
Living in a dream world. I know.