Come follow the Chocolate Trail! You’ll like what you see.

Chocolate heaven. Sweet sweet chocolate heaven. What would it be like to be the heir to Willy Wonka? Gene’s sweet singing voice or Johnny‘s artistic character? I’d settle for both as long as it came with chocolate 😉

All my chocolate would have sugar BUT you wouldn’t gain an ounce of fat (now that would be heaven indeed).

This was my birthday week. Let me just be upfront and admit that I spoiled myself. I also got spoiled by some wonderful friends and some special book reviews! Musings of a Book Worm is one of them.

Crave Cupcakes

Waffles smothered in whip cream, strawberries and drizzled in chocolate. Heaven indeed!

Homemade cream puffs filled with chocolate whip cream. No, I didn't share.

I make no apologies for indulging in my passion 😉 But yes – I will be going on a diet come Monday. Anyone want to keep me accountable?

Remember, in the end, all things succumb to chocolate!

If you’re a lover of romance, I hope you’ll pick up on of my books where I write under the name of Anya Winter. Be sure to fall in love with The Master, Stampede Fever (Stampede Sizzlers) and The Blindfold!