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If your child was doing something they shouldn’t – would you want to know?

This is a tough subject for most parents. Of course most of the mom’s out there are going to say yes. Of course you would want to know.

You say that now. But when it happens? This seems to be such a tricky subject, even amongst girlfriends. All too often we agonize over this. Our child tells us something – maybe it was a rumour, maybe it’s something they were told in secret … and our first reaction – the gut reaction – is we need to tell that parent. And then we hesitate.


More often then not – it’s because we have no idea how that other parent will handle the news. Will they get all self righteous and claim their child would NEVER do anything like that? Will they get all defensive and blame it on your child? Will they say thank you and hang up? Will they hate you for informing them you KNOW their child is no longer perfect?

Would you want to know? What’s your gut reaction going to be when you receive that text, email or phone call?

Would you tell if your child confessed a secret they were told?

Remember, in the end, all things succumb to chocolate!

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