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Are you an emotional eater?

Answer “YES” to any of the following and you’re a certified emotional eater.

1. You desperately search your desk drawers for that Hershey Kiss you hid yesterday after receiving an email from a friend you chewed out yesterday – by email.

2. You celebrate every little victory (like getting the bathroom cleaned) by baking cookies.

3. You inhale a large Brownie Explosion Blizzard at Dairy Queen as you rush home from work after being chewed out by your boss for surfing your favorite authors websites (NSFW means Not Safe For Work, NOT Never Settle For Work).

4. You sleep in and are late for work so you decide to stop at your favorite coffee shop and buy a donut, muffin, coffee and since you’re feeling guilty now – a yogurt.

Now – there is a cure. Especially if you are a chocoholic like me. Want to know the secret?

Trust me. It’s huge. So huge that even the experts are afraid to admit this is the cure.

Just eat chocolate every day.

Why? So that even when you get a rejection letter in the mail about your latest story or your editor confesses she secretly hates all the chocolate you put in your book (this has not happened BTW yet to me) you’ll always be prepared. 

This way you’ll never have to admit you’re an emotional eater since you were gonna eat that chocolate anyways 🙂

Remember, in the end, all things succumb to chocolate!

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