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Until recently, the word Nephilim did little to catch my attention. Sure – I knew they were beings talked about in the bible, and I ‘think’ I remember something about them from watching a few episode of Buffy – but other than that … blah blah blah.

Until recently. The passionate exuberance of a good friend caught my attention and I decided to do some research. What I discovered sparked a creative flare inside of me that is going to take some time to burn out.


So glad you asked! (no this has nothing to do with chocolate – shocking, I know). I’m in the midst of writing a horror/thriller story but it was missing something. Something crucial to the plot.

Something that was rectified in discovering the Nephilim. YES!

There are a few things I know about the ‘species’ but I would love some of your input as well. I know they are the ‘sons of the fallen’. Who are the fallen? Fallen angels – but are they the white/godly angels or angels who become known as demons? Hmm … good question.

I know that people think the Nephilim were wiped out with the flood – just as I know people believe that they weren’t. Um – giants anyone???

Here’s what I think. After reading a YA book on Nephilim who are godly beings, I’ve decided that they are SO FAR FROM THAT. Fallen angels are NOT godly. Don’t care what you say. Nor do they have souls. But Nephilim are born of humans and the Fallen – so do they have souls? Hmmm …. good question. Can they be good or bad? Can they be both? Can they be real?

I don’t know – is the Sasquatch real? Depends on if you’ve seen one or not.


Remember, in the end, all things succumb to chocolate!

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