5 Tips on Using KDP Select to Your Advantage

If you haven’t taken advantage of the KDP Select program yet for your indie books, you should. Or at least take a look at it.
Take a look at your titles and their sales. Where are you selling? If you are selling well at Smashwords, ARE, B&N etc – then perhaps taking a 3 month chance on the KDP Select program isn’t in your best interest.
But – if they aren’t selling – what would it hurt?
With KDP Select you need to make your title exclusive to Amazon for 3 months. For some that’s a tough pill to swallow. For other, not so much. In exchange for that 3 month exclusivity – you get 5 days where you are able to promote your book for free. No more waiting for Kindle to acknowledge your lowered price at other venues. No more urging family and friend to let Amazon know you’ve listed your book for free other places.
But does it work? Yes. All over Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and blogs, you’ll read about how authors have noticed their sales increased after having their novel/novella/short story listed for free. Every single time. I’ve yet to hear of an author who hasn’t noticed this. Even my own sales have shown. Not only has my rankings improved, but I’ve sold more books since using the free days to my advantage than I did before I had listed my story for free in the first place.
But how do you do it?
1. Schedule your free days during the week.
2. Before you go free – get the word out. Get your book listed as many places as you can. Post on the Kindle Boards, All Things Kindle (on Facebook), World Literary Cafe etc.
3. Add a Goodreads event.
4. Post your book on Facebook pages when you go free. Use your own wall, your fan page, Free Ebook Deal, Pixel of Ink Fan Page, Free Kindle Books & Tips.
5. Use your tags wisely – Free Kindle Book, Kindle Freebie etc work well.
Don’t be afraid to use the free days to your advantage. If you once thought listing for free was going to hurt your sales, worry no longer.

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